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19 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a House In Port Harcourt

Port Harcourt Property Rental Guide

Are you a young adult striving to rent your first apartment or you desire to move to a new apartment from your old home or you desire to change your neighborhood? There are pertinent issues you need to know before embarking on the search. It is not an easy task to find a place that is right for you in terms of taste, style and budget. But if you get prepared ahead of time, you can make the process easier for you by simply knowing important little details before renting a house in Port Harcourt.

In this article, we bring you the 19 Things You Need to Know Before Renting an Apartment in Port Harcourt or other parts of Rivers state. We advice you follow them religiously before you sign on the dotted lines. You don’t want to sing the ‘Had I Known’ song after you had paid, signed and moved into a new apartment.

At we make it our duty to guide the public so they stay on the safe side and get the best from either renting, letting, selling or buying of property. This is an abridged version of our free and highly sought after Port Harcourt Property Rental Guide. Happy reading!

Here are The 19 Things You Need to Know Before Renting a House in Port Harcourt

Before Renting a House in Port Harcourt

1. Be Sincere To Yourself
Don’t rent an apartment because your friend or colleague has done same. Before renting a house in Port Harcourt, ask yourself – can I afford to continue paying for this house? Remember there are other things in life you need to take care of.

2. Decide The Apartment Size That Is Right For You
Again in being truthful to yourself, you have to decide before you start your search the size of apartment you want. Don’t be tempted to go higher than your budget because of some facilities you see in a particular apartment. Stick to your plan.

3. Decide The Area/Neighborhood You Prefer To Move Into
Before renting a house in Port Harcourt, make up your mind what area of town you want to move to. Transportation to your work, access to your extended family and friends and other pertinent issues should guide you while taking this decision.

4. Do Your Own Research
While you engage the right agents, be sure to carry out your own research. Websites like is a perfect place to carry out your own research from the comfort of your home/office. Alternatively, you can use their SMS hotline to send keyword of what you desire and their system will automatically reply you with properties that match.

5. Engage The Right Agent
While you do your research before renting a house in Port Harcourt, you may choose to engage an agent. Because most agents are limited to certain areas, you can leave the hassle to Property4you. They have database of reliable property agents for different areas of Port Harcourt and beyond whom they work with to secure what you want.

Before Renting a House in Port Harcourt

6. Research About The Neighborhood
Do your own analysis of the neighborhood or have your agent do it for you. This is another area where Property4You stands out; the neighborhood analysis for most property listed on our website is already done for you and may be presented on request.

7. Find Out Who Will Repaint the apartment
If the chosen apartment need repainting, do well to ask who takes care of the painting.

8. Are Pets Allowed?
If you are a pet lover, ask ahead of time if pets are allowed. Also if you detest pets, be bold to ask if you would be neighbors or new incoming ones will be allowed to keep pets.

9. Is There Water?
Find out if there is government, neighborhood or internal borehole water system.

10. Take An Inventory Of The Apartment
Before renting a house in Port Harcourt, take the time to take an inventory of the house before you sign or move in and store the record in a very good place. It may be the difference between paying for what you did not damage or meet and wasting money.

11. Do You Need A Guarantor?
Ask the Landlord if you need a guarantor to sign for you. Some landlords ask for it. Then you make arrangements for the person on time.

12. Find Out About Public Utilities In The Neighborhood
What utilities are available in the neighborhood? Is there refuse disposal? Is there a mechanic? Supermarket? Local market? Find out all these stuff.

13. Read The Terms And Conditions Properly Before Signing
Be sure to read and re-read the terms and conditions by the landlord and be sure you are comfortable with it before signing.

14. Know Your Rights.
Don’t be intimidated by the landlord. Know your rights as enshrined in the constitution.

15. Challenge Any Terms And Conditions You Are Not Comfortable With
If you see lines that will infringe on your rights, point them out and resolve them mutually before you sign and pay.

16. Find Out If You Will Need To Pay Security Deposit
Some landlords require new tenants to pay refundable security deposits before they move in. The money is kept aside to be used to repair any damages by the tenant before he moves out in the future, otherwise its refunded when moving out.

17. Find Out If There Are Hidden Charges
Ask very clearly if there are any other charges. Some landlords and agents may reduce rental fees and use other hidden charges to collect them from you. ASK!

18. How And When Will There Be An Increase In The Rent
It will be a wise idea to find out how often the landlord makes increases to his rent. If its done often, its a flag you need to watch.

19. Read The Meters
Be sure to read the electric meter and ensure the former tenant isn’t owing huge sums which will be moved on to you.

Bonus Point: Moving Day Takes Longer Than You Think
Remember to plan very well. Moving day takes longer than you anticipate. Arrange and record everything a day before you move so everything is streamlined.

You are free to contact us to add to this article if you have viable ideas that will make it richer.

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