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Secrets Why Some Property Sell Faster Than Others

Secrets Why Some Property Sell Faster Than Others

Many landlords and property sellers keep wondering why a few property sell fast in only a few weeks, but theirs takes forever to sell, if at all. With our in depth experience in real estate marketing, we bring you key insights, which are beyond basic factors such as price, location and condition. If you want to know why some property sell faster than others, here are the secrets as presented to you by Property4you

This is an abridged version and these points are excerpts from our popular REAL ESTATE SELLERS GUIDE.

The attractiveness of the exterior of a property slated for sale is the first impression potential buyers get when they are evaluating the property slated for sale. So as a seller, endeavor to do a makeover on the building to improve its attractiveness.

Another secret that buyers focus on is to know if they can immediately move into the building once they finalize payment processes and acquire the property. For land, buyers want to know if they can immediately commence development. Sellers have to keep the property is a ready-to-use condition so it will motivate potential buyers.

Properties located within close proximity to public facilities like schools, super market and other public facilities tend to sell faster than those far from it, though their prices may also be higher.

Most property sellers and naive property agents simply use mobile phone camera to take photos of the property they want to sell. At Property4you, we have realized that the quality of photos and videos presented while listing the property goes a long way in assisting potential buyers reach quick conclusions, since most of their initial search starts on the internet.

A lot of property has remained unsold because their owners has either placed hope of solving all their problems on acruals from the property or have been misguided by selfish agents whose interest is only in the percentage of their own cut, hence they place the price higher than the market average. Its important to get the services of a good real estate evaluator to dispassionately evaluate the property and advice you of the average market price for similar properties in the market. If in doubt or need a professional property appraisal, we can hook you up with some of those we work with.

A few wall or floor cracks and broken ceiling or kitchen cabinet can put off a potential buyer who may either see those as a sign there may be deeper damages elsewhere or is simply put off by the sight. To the seller it may not mean much, but to the buyer (who is king here) it matters. Its advised that broken and dilapidated areas of the property be fixed prior listing the home for sale.

Majority of those parading as real estate agents today (with all due respect) lack the basic communication skills required to do a reasonable property listing and presentation, good enough to sway buyers in a tight and competitive market as the real estate market. Some property owners and landlords trust the sale into the hands of the unskilled relatives. That is where people like us come in – we are not real estate agents, but real estate marketers. We employ real world marketing skills to get properties sold faster than those parading as property agents.

Buildings listed for sale with accompanying virtual tours have shown to sell faster. For this singular reason, all developed buildings under our marketing are presented with a virtual tour video on our website at

While home owners are virtually helpless in this regard, most ‘property agents’ dont have any other option of advertising a property for sale other than hanging a ‘For Sale Board’ in front of the property or at most using free classified websites whose efficacy is been grossly over rated. While trying to sound modest, we at Property4you are bold to say that no real estate agent in Nigeria can match our integrated real estate marketing server facility which combines the power of the internet via various platforms same time, automated SMS marketing, hard copy publication and many other ingenious property marketing avenues. That is why we are unmatched in speed of property selling.

Study has shown that engaging the right real estate marketing professional can result in a 32% quicker sale and a major reason why some homes sell faster than others. Most of the aforementioned bottlenecks can be taken care of or necessary professional advice given if property owners avail themselves of professional real estate marketing services like those offered by us at Propert4you or other proven property agents with a marketing pedigree.

Even as we have a dull economy presently in Nigeria, with the attendant slow real estate market, some houses still sell very fast if the above listed issues and others are taken into consideration. Should you need our property marketing services to enable your property sell fast, reach us by clicking on this link.

To get the full details Why Some Property Sell Faster Than Others, get a free copy of our REAL ESTATE SELLERS GUIDE.